Rule4 Design Build Process

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Why Design Build for Your Project?

Rule4 are a full-service Design-Build firm. What that means for you is that we are responsible for the whole of your project from start to finish. Beginning with your initial ideas, moving onto detailed designs and plans and finally the management and construction of your project until you are 100% satisfied.

The advantage of Design-Build compared to the more traditional Design-Bid-Build, is that because we understand design and construction we can produce a design to suit your needs but also one which we know how to build. Money is often saved in the long run as adjustments to plans and design are not necessary through the construction phase. Plus life is easier for you as you only have one company to deal with, and in the main, just one contact.

What are the steps to the Rule4 Design Build Process?

  1. Initial Visit – Members of the Rule4 design/sales team make an initial project location visit to discuss goals and objectives. Duration is typically 1 to 1.5 hours and is free of charge. Even at this early stage our experienced designers should be able to give you a ball park cost estimate for the project you are looking for. You should hear something like “Mr. & Mrs. XX, based on your requirements we have discussed today, I estimate this kitchen will be around $60K”. This will help you decided whether A) is this remodeling project realistic for your budget and B) would you like to move onto the detailed design stage with Rule4.
  2. Conceptual Budget – If you do decide to move forward, the next step is as a client/contractor team. This team works to establish a conceptual budget either using Rule4’s designer input or the client’s desired investment goals, more usually this becomes a combination of both. Knowing real maximum budget is very important right from this stage, it helps both parties keep focused on the reality of what is affordable for the client right from the beginning.
  3. Schematic Design agreement and fee Establish schematic design fee based on the information gathered to date (points #1 and #2 above).
  4. Schematic Plans, Budgets and Specs Begin schematic plans and establish specifications and construction budget, using allowances for unknown selections.
  5. Refine Design – Refine design and construction based on results of number 4 above still using allowances for unknown items. Designs are presented as traditional plans, 3D-Images and 3D video.
  6. Finalize Selections Make selections for all unknown items and secure quotes from vendors to be plugged into budget and replace allowances. This steps dictates how the project progresses and how costs are controlled. The better the team is at this step, the less likely the requirement for change orders which ensures less delays as the project progresses.
  7. Construction Agreement – Draft and ratify construction agreement with draw and preliminary construction schedule.
  8. Construction Documents and Permits Prepare construction documents, secure building and related permits.
  9. Construction Execute construction to be completed on time and schedule. Early selections are the most vital factor in keeping on schedule and Rule4 supports its clients in getting this done.

Can I still get bids on a Rule4 Design?

Rule4 are also involved in Design-Bid-Build projects, working with designs from an architect and constructing them accordingly.

Where Rule4 is employed to do the design, it is of course possible to take the finished plans out to other contractors for a construction bid. In these cases Rule4 bid alongside and the client can make their final decision accordingly.